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Basement Flooding After the Winter Storm? Battling the Snowmelt

Hello, resilient homeowners of New England! As the recent winter storm bestowed a picturesque blanket of snow upon us, the thaw that follows brings forth a potential nemesis to your fortress – basement flooding. Bigfoot Waterproofing, your guardian against water invasion, is here with insights, prevention strategies, and a call to action as we navigate the aftermath of the winter storm.

Our Baby Bigfoot “playing in the snow” during the storm 🙂

1. The Winter Storm Aftermath: Melting Snow and Basement Havoc

Are you worried about your basement flooding after the winter storm we just had? Well, as the (big)foot of snow we got melts, it infiltrates the soil around your home, transforming your basement into a battleground against flooding. That water is going to have to go somewhere and it always seeks the path of least resistance. Without an effective drainage system, there’s a good chance that path leads right into your basement…womp womp. BUT! Bigfoot, being no stranger to the wild, understands these challenges and how the fluctuating temperatures to come can wreak havoc on your basement’s defenses. Explore our insight on winter storm aftermath at Waterproofing in Winter.

2. Prevention Strategies: Bigfoot’s Defense Plan

To prevent a basement from falling victim to the snowmelt onslaught, Bigfoot Waterproofing advocates for a comprehensive defense plan. From exterior inspections to drainage solutions, our strategies are designed to fortify your fortress against potential water invasion. Join the defense plan at Maintain a Dry Basement.

3. What to Do if Your Basement is Already Flooded

In the unfortunate but totally normal and don’t-sweat-it-we-got-you event that your fortress succumbs to the winter storm’s aftermath, Bigfoot Waterproofing provides a battle-tested action plan. From emergency water removal to expert drying and restoration, we stand ready to reclaim your space. In the meantime, explore what your options are RIGHT NOW at DIY Waterproofing in a Pinch.

4. Why Bigfoot is Your Ultimate Waterproofing Ally

Our seasoned experts offer the peace of mind that comes with a dry, secure haven, through clear communication and tailored solutions created specifically for YOU and YOUR basement. Our battle-proven strategies and unwavering commitment makes us your ultimate choice for basement waterproofing. Choose Bigfoot, because when it comes to your home’s protection, you want to rely on a company you can trust. Our past clients thankfully have much to say about this! Learn more about us in THEIR words in our Google Reviews.

A Dry Haven Awaits

In the spirit of Bigfoot’s elusive charm, we offer not just solutions but a partnership in keeping your basement dry and secure. Let Bigfoot Waterproofing be your beacon of reliability in the stormy seas of basement waterproofing. Let’s fortify your home against the snowmelt onslaught. Because when it comes to safeguarding your fortress, no one has your back like Bigfoot 🌲💦👍

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