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Debris removal service in Haverhill, MA

Say goodbye to construction, household, and organic debris

Need help removing debris from your property? This includes three major categories of debris removal, construction debris, household debris, and organic debris. Items including demolition debris, crawlspace cleanup, concrete, wood, metal, leaves, branches, brush piles, furniture, appliances, and general trash can all be removed quickly and affordably with our team at Bigfoot Waterproofing LLC.

Get help with your yard cleanup

Dealing with yard waste can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but worry not, because our team is ready to swoop in and clear away all those leaf piles and brush you’ve already spent hours collecting. Save your weekends for relaxation and let us handle the disposal.

Debris on ground outside of home

Join other Haverhill homeowners who rely on our debris removal services

In a world where environmental consciousness and cleanliness are of utmost importance, homeowners and business owners rely on us daily for their debris removal. We can help in several ways, making our services flexible. We can drop off a trailer and you self-load or we can provide the manpower.

We offer competitive pricing

While pricing can vary depending on items and volume removed, here’s an idea of what you can expect that might be helpful. Take a look at our current pricing.

Trailer drop off

  • Trailer drop off - 3 days- self-load; $450 up to 1 ton of material and $200 for each additional ton up to 4 tons. Tons are prorated.
  • Trailer drop off- 5 days- self-load; $500 up to 1 ton of material and $200 for each additional ton up to 4 tons. Tons are prorated.
  • Additional costs

  • Electronics and items with Freon are additional costs. This includes computers, monitors, TVs, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and so on. These items are an additional $75 each and we ask they be placed next to the trailer instead of inside the trailer.
  • Engines and motors are accepted on an individual basis and can be discussed before booking.
  • Need manpower?

    2-man crew- $100/hr, a minimum of 4 hours. This is super helpful in cases where you’re tackling a large clean-out or brush removal. Save your back and have our crew handle it!

    What you can do before our household debris removal team arrives

    Before our team at Bigfoot Waterproofing LLC arrives, it's helpful to ensure easy access to the items that need to be removed. Clearing pathways and making sure the debris is consolidated in a designated area can expedite the process and reduce the time needed for removal, which saves you money!

    Don't let unwanted debris weigh you down - Book now for hassle-free removal

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