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Fieldstone Repointing

Seal, strengthen, and shine: Fieldstone repointing in Haverhill, MA

At Bigfoot Waterproofing LLC, we specialize in fieldstone repointing, a crucial maintenance process for homes and buildings that are standard in our area. As our in-house team of experts undertake fieldstone repointing, we meticulously remove deteriorated mortar and replace it with fresh mortar to enhance the stonework's structural integrity and visual appeal. This service and our reliable basement waterproofing and crawl space repair services protect your home or business.

What is fieldstone repointing?

Fieldstones, irregularly shaped stones prevalent in construction in Northeast Massachusetts, are susceptible to weathering and decay over time. This natural process can lead to the deterioration of the mortar binding them together. Repointing serves as a solution to this issue, involving the meticulous removal of deteriorated mortar and its replacement with fresh mortar.

Our waterproofing company has the experience you want

Established in 2011, we have earned a reputation for delivering top-notch customer service. Our customers consistently choose us as their preferred waterproofing company due to our extensive experience and expertise, including repairing and restoring fieldstone structures.

We provide tailored waterproofing solutions

When working with professionals, you get waterproofing solutions tailored to your needs and goals. Our team delivers a customized approach to each basement and crawlspace waterproofing project for which we are hired.

If we’re doing a crawlspace encapsulation on a home constructed with fieldstone, we will first look at the fieldstone integrity and suggest repointing if needed. In some situations, repointing may be all that is requested or necessary.

Our approach goes beyond standard methods, offering a range of options that might include repointing, a slurry application, or even the creation of a flat vertical surface with a bright white finish for aesthetics while helping to waterproof your structure.

Will fieldstone repointing provide waterproofing?

It's important to note that repointing alone doesn't automatically ensure waterproofing. Our approach involves using specific products tailored to address structural integrity and waterproofing requirements, providing customers with comprehensive waterproofing solutions for their fieldstone structures.

New construction and fieldstone artistry

While we handle all repairs and repointing, if you’re planning to build a new construction home or business, we elect top subcontractors who are experts in their field for your fieldstone construction.

Fieldstone veneer

Many homes contain stone veneer, versatile and suitable for various applications such as stone siding, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, interior-exterior walls, basement wine cellars, and more. At Bigfoot Waterproofing LLC, we ensure top-notch quality by employing the finest subcontractors chosen explicitly for your stone veneer projects.

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